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About Us

My Experience

In the Begining, as a Dj I learned how to install sound systems for the parties, in Colombia, (1994).

Having my own sound system, I have learned much of my sound system knowledge though hands on experience, by working with my own sound system with many others.

Starting as a sound operator in a Regional TV Station in Colombia, (1998).

I over saw all sound production for the TV Station: news, live broadcasting and pre recorded shows in the studio and field.


Other Video Production Companies and the largest Concerts Company, in Colombia , (from 2000):

Working for other Video Production Companies as a sound board operator I learned how to edit videos, and working for the Concerts Company, I had the oportunity to improve my video productions skills installling powerfull projectors and big screens and the CCTV. During this time I continue working on small and medium video productions by my self for many years.





From Colombia (South America) to The U.S. With the same values and with more knowledge in 2010.

Now, we are in the U.S. doing Video Production and Post Production for Clients who are in bussines from many years.


You and your Bussines can be our Best Friends.